Goal Digger

Chetna Modi



THE ONLY PRODUCTIVITY PLANNER YOU WILL EVER NEED! Looking for the best planner to boost your productivity, happiness, and success ? IF SO, THE GOAL DIGGER PLANNER IS FOR YOU! This personal life calendar planner will help you incorporate: *Awareness *Vision *Target *Focus *Motivation *Productivity *Gratitude *Habit Tracker Set your goals, focus on what’s important. Beat procrastination, live with passion, incorporate gratitude and affirmation techniques, attract the power of the universe by creating a vision board and much more. Created for goal-oriented users, this top-notch planner will help you keep track of your day-to-day tasks and much, much more!

Product Features:- *Undated 12 months planning journal. *Functional & timeless design *Created for all group of people such as Professionals, Parents, Entrepreneurs, College/ School students, Homemakers.

What is inside? *Self Reflection *Wheel of life *End of Quarter Reflection *Top Goals *Bucket List *Road map Timeline *Any ideal day design *Self care routine *Quarterly Review *Dot grid pages

Gratitude: – *Wins, achievement and learning *Memory week *To do list/ notes column Review

12 month planning sheets:- *Top goal of the month * Calendar Sections *Reward 52 weekly planning sheets:- *Day wise planning *Top goal of the week *Affirmation *Habit Tracker

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