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Authors spotlight

brinett rachael author
unlocking the coaches of life
Brinett Rachael
In writing “Unlocking the COACHES OF LIFE”, it’s our keenest intent to bow down in gratitude towards the humungous potential we, the authors unleashed during our enduring times. May you encounter the unfamiliar lessons of life hereon…
Dr. KK png
Dr. Krishna Kumar N G
The readers will get plenty of business insights with relevant practical examples. The business owners will get few new ideas and much stronger will power to grow their businesses multi-fold.
uday kumar author
Uday Kumar
This book is a template for holistic living touching upon key aspects of ways of life that make living healthy and happy – a practical guide to responsible living with positive contributions to society.
kameel vohra author
Who is inside that hat
Kameel Vohra
This rhyming picture book playfully introduces why we should not judge people by their appearance. Instead of dealing with racism, diversity and equality head on, it provides a great way to discuss and explore these concepts with children.
ruthuparna sharma author
in the rhytm of silence
Ruthuparna Sharma
A companion book which captures 30 short stories, and provides thought-provoking insights. It gives a perspective to life with an apt reference to today’s context. It is filled with refreshing and re-assuring words of wisdom that creates a churning in all of us.
cvr joga rao author
CVR Joga Rao
A riddle is a question or statement of a problem worded so that it has a hidden meaning. The book contains 100+ different types of riddles specially made for kids. It has to entertain and delight kids with cartoon illustrations, it caters to kids from the ages 6-16 year
luna ks author
Luna KS
Consider me as a being helping, you to transfer from this reality to a reality that you never thought had existed, in this series of stories interlinked to our world that I term as “the world series” catalogue. Let me take you on a sci-fi, Fantasy and adventure.
Kamal Niranjan
An IT professional, based in Bengaluru, He is an avid book reader who loves to read about Indian history and mythology. This is his first attempt at historical fiction. An underdog’s story that delves into the lives of these lesser-known heroes of the Sangama dynasty.
Dhruvv surana author
unlocking the coaches of life
Dhruvv Surana
In writing “Unlocking the COACHES OF LIFE”, it’s our keenest intent to bow down in gratitude towards the humungous potential we, the authors unleashed during our enduring times. May you encounter the unfamiliar lessons of life hereon…
Sunitha Arun
Mrs. Sunitha Arun, the founder, and ideator of Art Mission. I started off my professional journey as a preschool teacher who was ever passionate about teaching children. During the pandemic, I authored 16 books (8 levels) as part of Art Mission’s initiative.
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W&P simplifies the publishing process, assisting the writer’s dream to self-publish and guiding you through your self-publishing journey from A to Z. With W&P, we aim to make the complete publishing process from A to Z convenient to every writer, especially the young writers who find themselves lost in this complex process.

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“W&P have provided good support right from the get go from submitting my manuscript to bringing out the book.The quality of work done is on par with industry standards.The support provided is smooth, informative and most importantly clear in terms of how the book is shaping up at every stage”
Sunitha Arun
“Unparalleled support backed with true spirit of promoting a promising arena for budding & established authors-WNP indeed is my first & the next choice as long as I chose to inspire people through playing a role of an author with WNP partnering us with their extraordinary, committed diversity in services. Most Grateful to Mr.Likith & team WNP”
dhruvv surana
Dhruvv Surana
“This book is a great introduction for children to raise awareness of biases and how to overcome these.” – Nikki Davies, Group Diversity & Inclusion Director, Prudential. W&P had given entire support and care at the time of Publishing. So we are grateful for W&P support in publishing this book.”
kameel vohra
Kameel Vohra
“The pandemic turned me into a writer as I made up riddles and stories to enthuse our home bound six year old granddaughter. And Subhas Publishing House turned me into an author by bringing out a colourful book with over 120 beautiful illustrations in just six weeks when the pandemic was at its peak. Children have fun and learn through the offbeat riddles”
cvr joga rao author
CVR Joga Rao
“W&P had everything that I was looking for. Loved the personal care and touch that was involved while I was in the process of Publishing. Highly recommend W&P for anybody who wants to publish their Dream work.”
Ruthuparna Sharma author
Ruthuparna Sharma
“It was a pleasure working with Likith and team. Being a debutante as an author, the entire process was seamless. The design team was accurately perfect for designing our cover.”
Brinett Rachael
“Subhas Publishing House has some unique and innovative ways of bringing to light works of creative writers. It’s been a pleasure working with them during the publication of my book ‘The Win Mantra’ Here’s wishing the very best to Likith and the W&P team of Subhas Publishing House!”
uday kumar
Uday Kumar

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dhruvv surana
luna ks author
kameel vohra
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