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  • Building a business better

    Dr. Krishna Kumar N G

    MSME business owners and startup founders face numerous challenges while running their businesses. They start off setting up the business with a lot of passion. However, they are not able to grow the business in a planned way. The business person should navigate carefully with the right set of tools along with the appropriate skills and knowledge. This book provides valuable guidance to business owners to build their businesses better. The readers will get plenty of business insights with relevant practical examples. The business owners will get a few new ideas and much stronger willpower to grow their businesses multi-fold.

  • Prosperity Through Industry

    Sir. M. Visvesvaraya

    The AIMO would appeal to the patriotism of public spirit of all leading citizens of this country, to take part in the constructive work of this organisation, some by  financing the movement in their own part of the country, and others by preparing and circulating books, pamphlets, leaflets, notes, speeches, and other forms of propaganda, likely to interest and carry the lessons of industrialisation to every home and cottage in the land.

  • Gyu

    Girl, You’re Unstoppable

    Shanthan Malashetter S

    What can you learn from a determined CS with a versatile personality and a strong sense of purpose? As it turns out, a lot.

  • Goal digger

    Goal Digger

    Chetna Modi

    THE ONLY PRODUCTIVITY PLANNER YOU WILL EVER NEED! Looking for the best planner to boost your productivity, happiness, and success ? IF SO, THE GOAL DIGGER PLANNER IS FOR YOU!

  • unlocking-the-coaches-of-life

    Unlocking The Coaches of Life

    Dhruvv Surana & Brinett Rachel

    In writing “Unlocking the COACHES OF LIFE”, it’s our keenest intent to bow down in gratitude towards the humungous potential we, the authors unleashed during our enduring times. These lived, yet unrevealed...

  • HR-Handbook-resize02

    SWPL Handbook for HR GENERALIST

    Sanjay Yadav (Advocate)
  • success-secrets

    Success Secrets

    Rajkumar Gupta
  • in-the-rhythm-of-silence

    In the Rhythm of Silence

    Ruthuparna Sharma
  • the-win-mantra

    The Win Mantra

    Uday Kumar
  • the-women's-toilet

    The women’s toilet

    Monika Kisku

    In this book, I have built some fictional characters and their stories. I have written about what feelings and experiences various women go through. I have penned down a few common incidents that have occurred at all levels of society too...

  • Average-to-unstoppable-in-your-20's
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