24 Beads on a string

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K.V.N. Aparna


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How this book was built
I was standing alone, with a heap of bricks by my side and a design plan in my mind. Alone… ALL alone was I, felt the need to seek some support in-order to build the final structure, &
so I did… I DID seek help.
To my best fortune, quickly, a bunch of good Samaritans joined. They started setting up a perfect foundation along-side, myself. This paved the way for many more others to add themselves into, too. With everybody’s co-operation, the strong walls started taking shape, successfully.
What is a house, with an absent roof, lucky me, my well-wishers, provided shelter, their “Protective Grace” was placed in the form of the blessings they showered. Soon this house got transformed into ” Home Sweet Home”, with kids running around playing, with the aromas of kitchen diffusing into the whole house, with the joyful vibrance of resonating music and with the delightful dances at joyful times, …..making it…
a TRULY HAPPY PLACE. There is still a lot more work to be done and there is a long way to go, so I conclude by requesting you all to help me in this journey,,, with these lines I wrote:-
I am here to learn from each one among you
To work towards making my dream come true
I could face many hurdles, or, may be just few
I will overcome them all, if, to my aim, I stick to.
I thank each and every member of Samiksha foundation for their kind help. Thank you all, so very much, once again

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