Who’s Inside that Hat?

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Kameel Vohra


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Anika is excited to see someone new move in next door, but something looks very different about her new neighbor! She has a pointy hat, a black cat and is up to something suspicious… Oh no! Witches don’t exist! Do they? Is everything as it seems?

This rhyming picture book playfully introduces why we should not judge people by their appearance. Exploring how stereotypes and superficial judgments are often misleading. Instead of dealing with racism, diversity and equality head on, it provides a great way to discuss and explore these concepts with children.

Girls can be anything they want to be.

To help overcome gender stereotyping, the story has female lead characters of color. The gender stereotypes that children are exposed to in their early years has a strong influence on what they choose to do. Which is why it’s important for boys and girls to be exposed to women in non-gender stereotype roles. It’s essential to creating an environment where girls feel comfortable choosing whatever career they want, and where boys actively support girls.

Diversity is normal

The best way to stop unconscious bias is to never let it set in. People of color should be seen equally as leaders, colleagues and friends. Showing children that diverse candidates perform all sorts of roles is essential to changing the realities of today. It doesn’t matter what color your hands are, they can do any job you want them to.

Heroines of their story

Girls aren’t sidekicks. That isn’t well enough represented in children’s books. Having female lead characters, both good & bad, is important to teaching children that there’s their gender makes no difference. It’s very hard to feel equal when majority of the lead & speaking roles are males.

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