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5 Benefits of Having an Author Blog Revealed

Hey there dear writer! We know you’ve already decided to write a book. You’re cocksure about it.

The moment you are firm on this, you check some communities online and stumble upon blogging. In short, “To Blog or Not To Blog” stares coldly at you.
The answer to that dilemma is blogging helps you with a lot of things in your book writing journey. Well, there’s a catch to it. IT TAKES TIME. But it is worth it

Blogs Help You Build A Solid Community for Yourself

Let’s get three things out of our way even before we jump into the benefits. These three things help you take immediate action for blogging.

I. Setting Up Blogs with Blogger or WordPress

Now if you’re really new to this, you could start off with blogger. It’s fairly simple, like signing up on Google and you have it ready in five minutes, and bam you can have your first post up and live.
You could also check out WordPress. In fact, it’s the most user friendly and most relied upon blogging interface.
It’s also important that you buy a hosting domain and purchase your own website. This way you have complete control of what you write.
Here’s a free video on how to do that.

Feels Too Much, Eh?

Okay, if building an author website and maintaining it seems Greek and Latin to you, we could help you with it.

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