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All about the basics of Book Editing

So, you completed the first draft for your upcoming book. That is just great. Now, what is your next step going to be? You guessed it right. Editing.

You can do it yourself or hire a professional editor but you just cannot skip the step. If you are doing it yourself then you must take a break of 4 to 5 weeks (or more) before you start editing; suggested by many renowned authors; as you’ll have a fresh eye for it.
Also, make sure you read the draft with a reader’s perspective to get better insights into the experience of the book.
Getting a reader’s perspective is not an easy task, as you have a biased eye for your book. “Come on it is your baby after all.”
That’s where an editor comes in, a fresh pair of eyes who is going through the book for the very first time.
An editor is going to help you identify the tiniest of spelling or grammatical mistakes, repetition, tones, etc. that can easily slip off your eyes.
No matter who does it, when editing is carried out properly it’s going to transform your draft into a refined book. So, let’s check out a few things about editing.

Why is it so important?

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