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10 Things to Know About Short Stories As A New Writer

“For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

You just read the shortest story ever written. (Kudos to Ernest Hemingway)
We know you love being an author. Short stories can help kickstart your journey.
Short stories come packed with loads of benefits. Mainly, it frees you off your shackles and gives you exposure to writing.
A lot of platforms these days, encourage short stories. So, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hey! It also has one thing common for both the reader and the writer.
Wondering what it is? Read on to know more.

Let’s get our short story out of the box for you. In this, we’ll see how to write one and get it published

Set Up Your Stage, Oh Story Teller

Finding Your Stories

Dig in. Dig into yourself for some simple ideas. Simple ideas make short stories fun. Simple ideas. Simple setting. That’s what makes a short story.
Think of convos from your own life. Cook a narrative. A notepad is your best pal. In fact, a lot of writers carry it you know.
Psst! The guy next to you… What’s he talking about? Eavesdrop and note it down. Use these for your inspiration.
Real-life incidents repurposed can bring in a lot of interest in the readers.

Opening Your Short Story

Get your reader curious. Start off from something small. Something in between. Paint an emotion.


“Jackson ran for his life.”

Stop there! Pause! What does that line make you feel? Who’s Jackson? Why is he running?
The curious case of running Jackson, isn’t it?

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