The World Above Ours

Luna KS


The World above ours – The Worlds’ Series
What if there is a planet next to ours full of extraordinary beings?
What if they can see us but we can’t see them?

No, I am not talking about Venus or Mars, in fact, this planet is not listed in our solar system at all.

The planet Theia is our neighbour and on this planet, there is no such thing as ordinary. Well, that is what we thought until our protagonist proved us wrong. She is an ordinary girl living in an extraordinary world, a girl who considers herself as prey in a world full of predators but everything changes when the two biggest powerhouses of this planet come together with our protagonist at the center exploring a dimensional reality she never thought had existed.

Hi, I am Luna KS, Consider me as a being helping, you to transfer from this reality to a reality that you never thought had existed, in this series of stories interlinked to our world that I term as “the world series” catalogue. Let me take you on a sci-fi, Fantasy adventure through my eyes, and see the worlds these protagonists will show you.

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