God The Absolute

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Yogacharya Dr. Aravinda K


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The author was born on 31st January 1966, in Perdoor village, Udupi district, Karnataka state, India. His professional degrees are B.E. in Electronics, M.S. (Engg.) in Computer applications, M.Tech. in VLSI design & Embedded Systems, and Ph.D. in the broad area of VLSI circuit design and verification. In addition, the author has undergone Basic & Advanced courses in Pranic healing, Ashtantagayoga course at Adi Shankara Yoga Kendra (Bengaluru), and Master course in Kundalini yoga from Vedadri World Community Service Trust. He has completed “Samskrtha Kovida” and “Geetha Kovida” from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Mumbai).
The author is the disciple of Yogashree A. S. Narasimhamurthy, the founder Acharya of Adishankara Yoga Kendra, Bengaluru. Since the year 2000, the author is involved in the teaching of the science of yoga, through the organization “Shreyas Centre for Yoga” at Bengaluru. The teaching process follows the Gurukula system of ancient India. Ashtangayoga of Pathanjali is being taught as junior level, which includes the rishiculture of Paramaguru Dr. Swami Geethananda Giri of Pondicherry.

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