Art Mission Level 8 (Part 1 & 2)

Sunitha Arun



Art Mission Level 8 Book part 1 and 2
Salient Features

Secondary and Tertiary Colours Painting Activity:

The child will intuitively learn the art of producing twelve colours, deriving them from the three primary colours Red, Yellow and blue.

Mandala drawing and painting Exercise:

This unique art therapy helps in developing creativity, stimulates a sense of patience and attention, helps with the development of intelligence, reasoning and improves concentration. It also helps children overcome stress and anxiety.

Motif art design

Motif is a recurring fragment, theme or pattern that appears in a work of art, hence practising motif art helps to create the desired effect such as repitition, rhythm, and patterns.

Overlapping Drawing Techniques:

The child is introduced to overlapping drawing techniques, where the child will learn to create the illusion of depth.

Background Ideation:

Watch your art come to life by scanning the QR code given on the page. Creating background helps build the child’s visual-spatial skills, extends their concentration, and develops their manipulative skills.

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